– Biodiversity Panel


The conclusions of the latest reports of the Convention for Biological Diversity (CBD) and the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) are unequivocal: according to current trends, pressures on biodiversity will continue to increase and biodiversity will continue to decline. This is even though societal responses to biodiversity loss are increasing dramatically, and that, considering national plans and commitments, they are expected to continue to increase for the remainder of the decade.

What is the current situation? What are the factors behind the decline in biodiversity and what actions can be taken to curb it? What innovations or new practices would allow enhanced protection of biodiversity?

Firstly, speakers will briefly assess the current state of the situation. They will then be invited to present strategies with strong potential to slow down the loss of biodiversity.

These presentations will be followed by a discussion moderated by Jean Lemire, emissary for climate change and northern and arctic issues, Government of Quebec.