Caroline Turcotte | Moderator

Automatisation Head of Section
Ville de Montréal - Water Service- Drinking Water Department | Canada

During the first 10 years of her career, Caroline Turcotte worked as a factory project manager, first in production, then with automation integrators. She has had the opportunity to participate in many machine and system projects in industrial and institutional settings. She then joined a consulting engineering firm, where, for nearly 10 years, she worked as an engineer, project manager and team leader on many multidisciplinary construction projects, primarily for institutional clients with a strong focus on water treatment. For the last 8 years, she has worked for the Direction de l’eau potable of the City of Montreal, and leads an operational technology team of about fifteen people. The mission is broad: operation, expertise, project completion and client relations in industrial process automation, telecommunications and system administration.


Moderator – Session technique | Cybersecurity and Water

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