Will Jernigan

Director of Water Efficiency
Cavanaugh and Associates | United_states

Will Jernigan is the Director of Water Efficiency with Cavanaugh. He has worked with over 1,200 water systems across North America in the field of water loss, delivering teaching, auditing and water balance analysis, validation, NRW program design and implementation. Will is a licensed professional engineer, and is recognized as a North American water loss industry leader. Will currently leads the AWWA Water Loss Software Subcommittee which is responsible for the development and management of the freely available water audit software for North America. He also led this group in executing the Water Audit Data Initiative, which pioneered the validation review methodology. Will was Co-Principle Investigator for Water Research Foundation Project 4639 (2016), which formally codified this methodology into Level 1 validation and is now adopted as requirement by several U.S. States. In 2017, Will was appointed as the United States Expert to an international task force for developing the ISO Water Loss Standards. In 2018, Will was appointed to the Management Committee of IWA’s Water Loss Specialists Group.

– Workshop on Water Audit and Assessment: Towards a Better Understanding and Use of Tools

March 23, 2021 at 15:30