Stefano Marconetto

Senior Environmental Engineer, Associate
Golder | Canada

Mr. Marconetto is Golder’s global PFAS practice leader with 10 years of experience with the characterization and remediation of PFAS impacted sites. Mr. Marconetto’s technical focus is primarily on detailed site characterization, fate&transport assessment and conceptual site model development, but his expertise also includes remedial options evaluation, feasibility assessment, remedial action plan development and implementation at military bases, firefighting training facilities, airports, manufacturing plants, power plants and waste disposal sites in North America and abroad. He has also provided technical training as well as support to clients in their liaison with project stakeholders on PFAS related issues. He authored presentations and guidance documents on PFAS, is currently an active member of the ITRC PFAS team and is involved in several research projects in collaboration with prestigious universities and industrial partners on PFAS fate&transport and remediation.

– Multiple Lines of Evidence Approach to Assess PFAS Sources, Contaminant Distribution, and Fate and Transport

March 28, 2019 at 14:00