Sophie Moreau

International Senior Scientist
Résiliences Ecosystémiques | France

Sophie MOREAU, Ph.D. is a senior scientist specialized in ecosystem planning, with over 30 years of field practice at multiple levels in 23 countries across several continents. She is the author of the Ecosystemic Management Plans method (PDGE© / EMP©), which was made possible due to her multidisciplinary academic background in agriculture, land planning, biodiversity conservation, geography-remote sensing and business administration (MBA). Sophie has applied this method to the design of national government strategies in environment and sustainable development by involving 22 ministries, universities and civil society in integrated waste management with low GHG emissions and in the planning of protected areas, taking into account the anticipation of climate change. She has also designed European Union budgetary support programs where she has applied the method to strengthening four agricultural sectors in Morocco (CRP2, 2012). She will share this experience with us while analyzing the EMP tool’s potential contributions for a greener economy.

– An Ecosystemic Approach to Management of Economic Sectors through the Ecosystemic Management Plans (PDGE© / EMP©) Tool

March 23, 2021 at 14:35