Robert Reed

Public Relations Manager
Recology | United_states

In addition to being a writer, Robert Reed is the public relations manager for Recology San Francisco’s employee-owned recycling and composting collection company.

San Francisco pioneered urban collection of food scraps for composting in North America and continues to advance its program. There are numerous significant environmental and economic benefits of instituting curbside composting collection.

Robert joined Recology in 1993 and helps lead outreach and education programs to encourage and inspire people to actively participate in recycling and composting initiatives.

Robert helps journalists research stories on recycling or composting and contributes articles to journals. He also leads presentations in North America and Europe on recycling, curbside composting, recycling education and outreach, and steps we can all take to reduce the amount of waste we generate.

Robert has appeared in two environmental documentaries: Tomorrow and Kiss the Ground.

Prior to joining Recology, Robert spent 10 years working as a journalist at daily newspapers. He won a California Newspaper Publishers Award for writing about the environment.

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