Maxime Moisan

Société Via / GNi | Canada

Maxime Moisan was first enthusiastic about engineering by completing a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Université Laval. After working in the aerospace industry, Mr. Moisan is interested in environmental engineering and returns to study to complete an applied master’s degree at the University of Guelph. His thesis topic deals with ultrasound pretreatment for the wet anaerobic biodigestion process. Mr. Moisan then works to optimize a municipal waste incineration process. Recently, Mr. Moisan is head of the landfill department for GBi, an engineering services firm. Mr. Moisan also shares his passion for the field of waste management by sitting on the Board of Directors of la société VIA, an adapted NPO that works as a leader in the field of recycling by processing more than 115,000 tonnes of waste, through 4 sorting centers, each year.

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