Mario Rousseau

Intellinox Technologies Inc | Canada

Mario Rousseau, an engineer with more than 30 years of experience in the field of ventilation, chairs Intellinox Technologies Inc., a high-tech company he founded in Quebec in 2007 in his shed!

His entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas led him to undertake this new adventure at the age of 54. He then joins two promising young engineers to develop an innovative technology that meets the needs of commercial and industrial kitchen operators in terms of energy and environmental performance.

In 2014, after a little over 6 years of research and development, they launched their flagship product ecoAzur, which stands out from the competition with its technological innovations (protected by three patents) and its remarkable energy efficiency. This powerful control system optimizes kitchen ventilation for maximum savings and comfort, is easy to clean, quieter and promotes a more stable temperature in the kitchen.

Over the past five years, Mario Rousseau and his strong team have made this technological breakthrough the international reference, winning numerous awards in his career, both in Quebec (finalist Trophée Vision 2016 as an emerging company in the Fidéides Awards 2017 as Manufacturer of the Year, Winner Vision Trophy 2017 as Visionary of the Year) and abroad (Energy Star Technology Award California 2015-2016). Over this period, Intellinox has tripled its employee base and assembled a global network of partners to bring ecoAzur into 800 kitchens, saving more than ten thousand tons of greenhouse gases!

One of Mario Rousseau’s greatest strengths, besides his visionary spirit and his sense of innovation, lies in his ability to know how to surround himself with the best elements and create a stimulating environment for them. To mobilize troops, he strives to build on the strengths of each employee. In addition, he does not hesitate to open the shareholding to ensure the sustainability of the company and share the benefits with employees, a dozen of them having already prevailed enthusiastically.

A jovial and generous man, of great spirituality, with strong human and family values, he has always wanted to transmit his knowledge and give his time to those who share his values. Engaged in his community, both socially and religiously, he strives to give back to the next in various ways.

– Intellinox Technologies’ experience

March 26, 2019 at 16:00