Margaux Gourdal

MeRLIN Coordinator
Technopole maritime du Québec | Canada

Margaux Gourdal joined the team of Technopole Maritime du Québec (TMQ) in December 2018 as coordinator of the MeRLIN project, an industrial leaded network, dedicated to innovation in the shipping and port sectors. M. Gourdal is in particular responsible for stimulating ties between industrialists within the maritime sector and the stakeholders in the world of research and innovation. Before joining TMQ, M. Gourdal was in charge of scientific projects in the fields of oceanography and climate for six years. She earned a Bachelor of Marine Environmental Science from Portsmouth University (U.K.), a Master of Biology and a PhD in Oceanography from Laval University (Canada, Qc.), with a specialization in the polar environment.

– MeRLIN: innovation at the heart of the shipping and port sectors

March 27, 2019 at 14:30