Louis Bertrand

Sweet Gazoil Inc. | Canada

Industrial Engineer, Harvard MBA and fellow Certified Management Consultant, with more than 30 years in management and executive positions in finance, accounting, and business development, Louis Bertrand co-founded Sweet Gazoil inc. along with a very experienced process engineer from Alberta. He is co-inventor on many of the companies’ 14 patents and over 30 patent applications. They have designed and help demonstrate a full-sized plant based on their patents for treating oils that could not be treated before because of fouling problems. He was also co-chairman of the distilled fuel group at NORA (National Oil Recyclers Association) for 4 years. They are now applying these technologies to plastics, making waste mixed plastics a source of profit.

– Profit from waste mixed plastics: an environmental solution for plastic disposal

March 27, 2019 at 08:50