Katelyn McFadyen

Manager, Energy and Environment
Town of Caledon | Canada

Katelyn McFadyen holds an MSc from the University of Edinburgh in Environmental Sustainability where her research focused on strategies to assist communities in benefiting from Scotland’s ambitious renewable energy goals. Returning from Scotland, Katelyn worked for the Elora Environment Centre as a Community Energy Plan Coordinator engaging with many public, private, and non-profit stakeholders to develop a plan focused on community greenhouse gas emissions reductions. Katelyn currently works for the Town of Caledon as the Manager, Energy and Environment, overseeing the Town’s corporate and community climate change adaptation and mitigation plans, ensuring both corporate and community stakeholders are engaged and equipped with the capacity to implement these Plans.

Katelyn McFadyen is partnering with Christine Zimmer, MSc (Eng). PEng who is the project lead, she is the Senior Manager of Water and Climate Change Science for Credit Valley Conservation (CVC), in Mississauga, Ontario.

– Case Study – Standards Council of Canada’s Standards to Support Resilience in Infrastructure Program

March 28, 2019 at 11:30