Karim Ganame

Chief Executive Officer

Karim Ganame holds a doctorate in Computer Security and is a graduate of the Université de Besançon and the Institut National des Sciences Appliqués de Lyon in France.

Dr. Ganame has 17 years of experience in IT, including 15 years in the field of information security. After working for several years as a senior information security consultant for large companies, Dr. Ganame founded the company StreamScan. Heavily focused on R&D and innovation, StreamScan was responsible for the first computer intrusion detection system in the Quebec market. This tool uses artificial intelligence to detect anomalies and cyberthreats that target traditional computer networks as well as manufacturing / industrial environments. Dr. Ganame has extensive experience in cyber defense of manufacturing environments and regularly assists manufacturers in defining their security strategy. Highly active in the field of R&D and technological innovation, Dr. Ganame is the author of a US patent on the detection of new generation cyberthreats. He has also produced internationally renowned publications and contributions to academic conferences. He holds the highest certifications in the field of computer intrusion detection and response to security incidents (GIAC GCIH, GCIA), as well as the CISSP certification. He is also a Professor of Cyber Security at the École Polytechnique de Montréal.

– Protecting Drinking Water Plants Against Cyber Threats

March 22, 2021 at 16:00