Julie Morin

Ville de Lac-Mégantic | Canada

Julie Morin was born in Granby. She studied Communication at the University of Sherbrooke before becoming a media planner at Cossette Communication-Marketing in Quebec City, where she spent 4 years developing innovative concepts. She then worked in politics, holding a position of political attaché and office manager for a member of the National Assembly of Quebec.

In 2010, she settled in Lac-Mégantic with her husband, originally from the region, where they founded their family. Mother of three children, she became President of the Maison de la Famille du Granit and succeeded, due to her great mobilizing skills, in providing her neighborhood with an intergenerational park. In the labor market, she has held the position of Reception and Integration Officer for newcomers and contributes to the achievement of the region’s labor attraction objectives. She began her political involvement by becoming a municipal councillor in 2015, where she led the files of the Arts, Culture and Heritage Commission as well as those of the Family and Seniors Commission.

In November 2017, at age 34, Julie Morin was elected Mayor of Lac-Mégantic. She offers an innovative vision for this city of 6,000 inhabitants. A dynamic mobilizer and skillful communicator, Julie wishes to see her city recover, innovate and become a leader in sustainable development and energy transition.

PANEL – Adoption of Green Technologies in Municipalities for Climate Action: Barriers and Solutions

March 23, 2021 at 13:30