Hugo Thibaudeau Robitaille | Moderator

Senior Biologist
T2 Environnement | Canada

Hugo Thibaudeau Robitaille is a biologist and an innovative project manager who has 25 years of professional experience with municipalities, large companies, NPOs and research institutions. He holds a master’s degree in Environmental Science, which led him to become interested in the interactions between soils, vegetation and ecosystems. Throughout his career, Hugo has helped develop solutions adapted to the ecology and support capacity of each site. He likes to innovate and interact with his peers, so that his projects are efficient and useful for his clients and the environment. Hugo is an entrepreneur and has founded a number of successful environmental consulting businesses. His latest is T2 Environnement, which he co-founded with Daniel Tarte. His most recent work focuses on the ecological restoration of northern mining sites and degraded wetlands, as well as the evolution of arctic soils in the context of climate change. Hugo is Vice-President of Réseau Environnement and is responsible for promoting its biodiversity sector.

Moderator– Technical session | Biodiversity management

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