Gael Plassart

Envisol | France

After more than 20 years in various engineering offices specialized in the management of contaminated sites, graduate of the Institute of Industrial Hygiene in Amiens (France), Plassart have acquired solid skills in the management of industrial environments and the treatment of pollutions.
These different roles have allowed him to manage teams of more than 40 engineers and technicians in one or more agencies. These missions not only consisted of organising the daily tasks and establishing working procedures, but also ensuring the organisation and technical management, contractual, financial and relational aspects of the projects which he had made offers for.
Furthermore, M. Plassart also organized and managed many environmental projects (Diagnostics, Quantitative Evaluation of Sanitary Risks (EQRS), management plan, project management and undertaking of decontamination of worksites).

– Crisalid: an innovative collaborative demonstrator pilot site for better rehabilitation of contaminated sites

March 28, 2019 at 21:30