Freddy Loiselier

Export Biological Treatment Manager

Master Engineer ENTES, University of Marseille
Employee integrated in the HANTSCH internal design office since 2001.
Leader of organic treatment in France.
Design of more than 100 composting sites in France
Export manager since 2012 with 18 facilities for the biological treatment of organic matter and the stabilization of residual materials.

Main interventions as an expert
2012 Association of Territorial Engineers of France
Feedback on technologies for recovering organic waste
2014 in Poland on the themes
Composting, an effective method for the treatment of sewage sludge
Biological treatments of residual materials and adaptation to climatic variations
2015 Pollutec Casablanca
Biological treatment applied to the Moroccan situation
2017 Romanian Parliamentary Committee in charge of developing the national waste management plan
2018 TEQ Trade Show
The happy medium between composting and biomethanation

– Comparative Study of the Management of Organic Matter through Concrete Cases in France and Poland

March 27, 2019 at 14:00