Francis Vermette

Operations Director

Francis Vermette holds a master’s degree in geography. Working for RECYC-QUÉBEC for 11 years, he has been, since 2008, responsible and expert professional for the various surveys carried out on the residual waste management facilities, required for the production of the Residual Materials Management Assessments in Quebec. In addition, he led many province-wide waste characterization studies at the residential, commercial levels as well as studies on disposal.

He has been a team leader in the department ” Compensation Plan for the curbside recycling services” and since 2018 he is Director of Operations and responsible for services to municipalities which includes the ” Compensation Plan for the curbside recycling services”, organic waste, C&D residues and studies on residual materials management in Quebec.

– Waste Glass Management in Quebec

March 28, 2019 at 13:30