Elsa Martayan

General Manager
Global urban air pollution observatory - GUAPO | France

Geographer, Master’s degree in Urban Planning and Development, Elsa Martayan spent most of her career at the Parisian Urban Planning Workshop and then at the City of Paris, where she managed the project of consultation within the framework of the revision of the local urban plan, before leading within the Mission Grand Paris, the cooperation with the communities of the metropolis.
After the “cities for air” summit organized in June 2016 in Paris at the initiative of the Mayor of Paris and the President of Greater Paris Metropolis, she was charged by the Secretary General of the City of Paris of the prefiguration of the Global Observatory of Cities for air quality – Global urban air pollution pollution observatory – GUAPO: global platform for multilateral cooperation between cities and metropolises. Other key stakeholders in the fight against air pollution are also involved: international organizations, NGOs, city networks, research centres and the private sector.

– Panel Discussion

March 28, 2019 at 13:30