Dominique Claveau-Mallet

Postdoctoral intern
Polytechnique Montréal | Canada

Dominique Claveau-Mallet obtained her baccalaureate in geological engineering (2010) and her Ph.D. in civil engineering (2017) at Polytechnique Montreal. During her doctoral studies, she contributed to the development of slag filter processes for various applications. Her doctoral work was awarded the best thesis award (Polytechnique Montreal) and the Canada Governor General’s Academic Medal (Montreal University). Her expertise includes wastewater physicochemical treatment, geochemistry, hydrogeology and detection of microplastics in water. She is currently a Banting postdoctoral fellow at the Surfaces and Biocolloids Laboratory at McGill University.

– Phosphorus removal from domestic wastewater by steel slag filters – challenges in process development

March 27, 2019 at 13:30