Demba Gaye

Université Assane Seck | Senegal

Demba GAYE is a geographer by training, with a doctorate in Climatology and a master’s degree in Ecosystems and Environment from Gaston Berger University (GBU) in Saint-Louis. After graduation, he spent a year and a half as a post-doc working on issues surrounding Senegalese migrations at GERM.

Dr. GAYE also benefited from advanced training in Metrology and Quality within the framework of the AFREQEN project, funded by the European Union’s ERASMUS program. Dr. GAYE taught at the Geography department of GBU in Saint-Louis from 2013 to 2019. Currently a Professor and Researcher at Assane Seck University in Ziguinchor, he is particularly interested in issues related to climate dynamics, climate change and adaptation strategies, air pollution, climate-health-society, environment, migration, and sustainable development. Dr. GAYE has (co-)authored several scientific publications and is currently Co-Editor-in-Chief of the African Journal on Climate Change and Renewable Energies. Dr. GAYE is also a freelance consultant-analyst.

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March 23, 2021 at 15:30