David Marcouiller

Vice President Sales Engineering
Machinex industries inc. | Canada

David Marcouiller joined the Machinex team as a R&D Draftsman in 2003 and currently resides as the Executive Vice President of Sales Engineering. From Marcouiller’s development in the R&D Draftman role to Project Management in the start of his career at Machinex, he became intimately involved in the behind the scenes process of final system design and implementation. This experience, along with his design ideas, promoted Mr Marcouiller onto the front line of Sales Engineering to design the system proposals. Today, Mr Marcouiller plays an integral role in the company’s success by ensuring that all quality standards of the sorting solutions are maintained and by designing recycling systems to suit customer’s needs. He also oversees a team of 12 sales engineers. Mr Marcouiller is a 2002 graduate of Shawinigan College with a degree in Technical Engineering.

– Improve your sorting center to obtain marketable fiber quality

March 28, 2019 at 08:30