Daniel Pearl

Re4 Montréal - Pour des quartiers durables | Canada

Daniel Pearl with co-founding partner Mark Poddubiuk started L’ŒUF (l’Office de l’Éclectisme Urbain et Fonctionnel) in 1992, where he concentrates his work on sustainable architecture, urban housing, residential and commercial renovation as well as in research, critic and theory. His expertise is always founded on a search for balance between the appropriate technique, the economic feasibility, the architectural expression et environmental impact of the project. L’ŒUF members, as architects, support the fact that they are stewards of a built environment that is dignified, human, pleasant, functional, sustainable and sensitive to the environment. He has won many local and international awards such as the Holcim Award international award for his work on Benny Farm and his project Petit Rivière was selected by Canada for the Equilibrium competition.

– Developing a Neighbourhood’s Resilience with 4th Generation Heat Sharing Networks

March 27, 2019 at 14:00