Catherine Loriot

PGMR Coordinator
City of Gatineau | Canada

Catherine Loriot works as a project manager of the municipal waste management plan at the City of Gatineau since almost 10 years. Before designing and implementing best practices for reducing and managing waste at the municipal level, she advised and supported Canadian municipalities with their green infrastructure projects, within the Green Municipal Fund at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

She holds a master in Sustainable Development from Lund University, in Sweden, and a bachelor of Industrial Design from the University of Montreal. She worked at promoting her profession at the Institute of Design Montreal and at integrating sustainable development in planning and municipal operations at FCM and at the Ville de Gatineau. Her design experience and environmental expertise allow her to imagine programs and services aimed at the adoption of green behaviors by all citizens and municipalities.

– Incentives in Gatineau: How to evaluate their performance?

March 27, 2019 at 14:00