Catherine Kargas

MARCON | Canada

Catherine Kargas, MBA, is a business strategist with 30 years of consulting experience. She is Vice President at MARCON, a business research and strategy-consulting firm. Changes in mobility (electrification, sharing, automation, multimodality, Mobility as a Service) have been the focus of much of Catherine’s work in recent years, with clients in the private and public sectors.
Mrs Kargas is the Chair of the Board of Directors of Electric Mobility Canada and the Chair of the CIAMIL, a mobility start-up incubator. She is a founding member of the Transportation Evolution Institute, a mobility think tank. She is also involved in the MaaS Alliance, leading one of the working groups focused on the development of MaaS business models.
She has worked with Governments in North America and Europe on mobility-related assignments and has advised some mobility players and other stakeholders as they prepare for the changes related to transportation.

– Electric MaaS: sustainable mobility

March 27, 2019 at 16:00