Alan DeSousa

Mayor of Saint-Laurent
Arrondissement Saint-Laurent, Ville de Montréal | Canada

Relevant, integrated solutions for adapting to climate change are based on the skills of a great many professionals working within urban centres. They are the professionals who plan land use, design, build and maintain infrastructure and ensure that all legal liability and risks are taken into consideration. They are the elected officials who, on behalf of the population, make decisions concerning the orientations and priorities of the municipalities and manage their administration. These professional roles and functions help the city achieve its basic objective: to ensure the health, prosperity and well-being of its citizens. However, the road to implementing these adaptive measures is not always smooth; there are many obstacles to be overcome along the way.

Ouranos and ICLEI Canada invite you, the elected officials and professionals from various municipal sectors and services, to come together to learn about the existing tools and mechanisms and reflect on those yet to be developed to help us face these challenges and move forward in adapting to climate change. This event, which will be presented as a “sharing our failures” workshop, will include a series of conferences and an interactive activity.

– Workshop

March 27, 2019 at 16:00