Abrielle Sirois-Cournoyer

Chairman of the Board
ALTE COOP | Canada

Abrielle Sirois-Cournoyer, a graduate of Polytechnique in mechanical engineering, had a strong desire, after her studies, to further develop her critical thinking and knowledge of the community and social environment. That’s why she decided to enroll in the Masters in Management in social innovations at HEC Montréal. This mastery allowed her to be involved in both social and environmental projects of the community of HEC than Montreal. In parallel with her master’s degree, she met people who, like her, wanted to combine engineering, social and environmental values. This is how ALTE Coop was born, the first cooperative of workers specializing in consulting engineering in Quebec. Its mission is to democratize access to sustainable and social engineering and develop a collective working environment that makes sense for its members and the community.

– What is low-tech?

March 26, 2019 at 16:30