at 10H30 | 520 AD

Workshop | Consolidating the Energy Transition in Canada

Presented by: Copticom
Moderated by: Steven Guilbeault, Copticom
Energy transition

- Workshop

In Canada, the transition of the economy towards greater environmental sustainability is well underway. In 2016, there were around 274,000 jobs related to environmental and clean technology activity across the country, which is more than those generated by mining, quarrying and oil and gas extraction combined. Canada is taking a number of initiatives to stimulate this transition, including investing heavily in clean technologies, encouraging the adoption of green building regulations and setting a price on carbon. Despite broad support for such changes, some concerns are still being expressed in the country about the measures we need to implement to consolidate this transformation of the Canadian economy.In this workshop, participants and high-level speakers will provide elements of answers to the following questions:
  • What are the challenges to achieving a robust and inclusive energy transition in Canada?
  • What measures could the Canadian government implement to accelerate this shift?
  • How can we demonstrate that the energy transition will benefit all regions of the country and respond to the concerns expressed by some stakeholders in the country?