at 08H30 | 518 B

Waste Sorting and Treatment: Time for Innovation!

Moderated by: Sandra Messih, Chamard Stratégies environnementales
Innovation and clean technology

- Improve your sorting center to obtain marketable fiber quality

The challenge has been great for sorting centers since the entry into force of very strict export rules on fibers. In addition, the materials found in curbside recycling have changed a lot in recent years : the digital age has reduced the amount of newsprint, the Amazon effect which generates on the market a large quantity of small boxes of cardboard, and the marketing of a growing number of small containers and food packaging for individual use. In this presentation, we will propose various optimization solutions that can be made to existing sorting systems in order to produce maketable fiber quality in local and export markets. We will present these solutions as well as the improvements that have been made to certain equipment to meet the new realities of the market.

- Organic waste dehydration - The efficient solution for ICI

Organic waste management represents a high level of complexity for the generators. Food transformers, restaurants, grocery stores, wholesalers, public institutions and other ICI will need to comply with the upcoming ban on organic waste landfilling. Innovative solutions to manage this waste need to be brought forward. Our Gaia processor removes water from organic refuse. In less than 8 hours, the waste is completely dried, hence reducing its weight by at least 75%, and its volume in a similar proportion. The organic matter does not smell anymore, do not create leachate, is easier to manager, store and transport. The weight reduction reduces significantly the cost of disposal. It is not longer necessary to remove the packaging, and the residual from the process represents a high potential for fertilizing.We have a complete range of machines for small, medium and large organic waste generators.

- iCycle: intelligent composite recycling

The iCycle® process is a thermo-chemical technology able to separate many different materials. In the process, plastics and further organic materials are thermally decomposed in an oxygen-free atmosphere. Thus, not only contained metals and fibers are gently disintegrated, but also high-calorific fuels can be gained as oil and gas. The iCycle® process is able to fully separate and eliminate pollutants such as halogens or dioxins in order to win products of a unique quality.