Panel discussion | Waste Glass Management in Quebec

Green and circular economy

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- Glass and Discharge of Sorting Center Conveyors : Generated, Processes and Reused in Gaspésie

Since 2017, the glass received and the rejects of conveyors generated at the RITMRG sorting center in Grande-Rivière, Gaspésie, have been processed locally and reused locally. These materials generated significant expenses and nearly 300 tons of waste landfilled prior to the implementation of the glass transformation and waste treatment project.We are now cutting the spendings by over 80%, turning glass into a final granulate, selling it locally and reducing landfill by over 90% ... a multi-benefit project. As a bonus, the glass is valued in various forms including landscaping, municipal infrastructures and artistic achievements.

- Panel discussion

A few years after the glass crisis in Quebec, it is now time to draw up balance sheets. Following a brief presentation of the various technologies and emerging products proposed by the panelists, a step back will be made to assess what were the strengths and weaknesses of this crisis and what lessons should be drawn to prepare us for possible future issues.