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Transition énergétique Québec : a partner of choice for companies

Presented by: Transition énergétique Québec
Energy transition

- Transition énergétique Québec: A Partner of Choice for Businesses

Transition énergétique Québec (TEQ) is a partner of choice for businesses in Québec, thanks to its expertise and the support it provides. Like the Energy Transition, Innovation and Efficiency Master Plan, its programs are powerful agents of economic, environmental and social development in every region of Québec, helping to create and maintain jobs, develop available sustainable resources, improve the competitive capacity of businesses and improve Québec’s trade balance.Transition énergétique Québec will present the Master Plan and the measures aimed at businesses. A panel composed of businesses that have taken part in TEQ’S programs will then explain how the support they received enabled them to move forward with projects that helped improve their profitability and competitive capacity.

- Decarbonizing manufacturing operations : a profitable investment

How to convince senior management to invest heavily in decarbonising its manufacturing footprint? Sit first with the finance leadership team ... and take out your numbers : you will often realize that such projects are profitable and can benefit from programs such as Ecoperformance.

- Aéronergie - to make energy savings

Specialist in energy savings, Aéronergie is a manufacturing company that produce heat recovery systems (heat exchanger), solar air heating collectors, air curtains and other products producing energy savings. Its mission is to reduce the energy bill and GHG emissions of its clients by air treatment. Along with its mission, Aéronergie supports its clients at every step of the project, from the initial contact to the last service call, by going through all subsidy applications such as TEQ's. As 99% of our customers, Aéronergie benefited from Écoperformance subsidy for its own building situated in Drummondville and thus respecting its own mission and vision. By combining heat exchanger, solar air collector and air curtains, our estimated savings were at more than 63% or our total energy consumption which represents 141 tons of GHG or 26 cars saved.