at 16H00 | 520 CF

The Second Life of Food Waste

Moderated by: Mariane Maltais-Guilbault, RECYC-QUÉBEC
Green and circular economy

- Food Loss and Waste Measurement and Management to Create Healthy Communities

Here are the points that will be addressed in this conference: - Destigmatization access to healthy nutritious rescued food; - The social, environmental and economic benefits of diverting surplus food (FLW) to community organizations; - Creation of industry partnerships that allow the food industry to save money, save people and save the environment while creating awareness of the opportunity that exists when healthy and nutritious food is available and have a greater impact in communities.

- Taking a Bite out of Food Waste: Walmart Canada’s Zero Food Waste Commitment

At Walmart Canada we have committed to achieving zero food waste in our operations, a goal that we take seriously. Our journey to zero food waste is guided by a three part strategy, improving operational efficiencies while enhancing value to the costumer, increasing donations and providing philanthropic support. Walmart is proud of our environmental efficacy and looks forward to sharing our learnings and experience reducing food waste in hopes of inspiring other organizations to do the same.

- A 100% organic canteen financed by the reduction of food waste

The conference will share the experience of the city of Mouans-Sartoux. Wishing to offer students a food that respects health and the environment in 2008, the city decided to move to a canteen 100% organic with constant cost. Soon the issue of food waste proved to be the key to the financial success of the project. By successfully reducing food waste by 80%, the city generated an economy that financed the extra cost of organic food. Actions to achieve this goal will be described during the conference. This success has inspired the inhabitants of the city who, in turn, consume at home a more sustainable food, reduce their food waste and value their waste in their daily lives. During the conference Gilles Perole will present the actions implemented to support families in their evolution.