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Stormwater Sustainable Management

Moderated by: Sophie Duchesne, INRS
Sustainable cities

- SAUL (Alveolar Ultra-Litght Structure) - Effective solution in stormwater management

Following the new environmental regulations for stormwater management, we believe that the use of SAUL ((Alveolar ultra-light structure) is an effective technical solution to design storage or infiltration systems. Here are some benefits associated with the use of SAUL: • Ease of inspection and cleaning of 100% of the storage volume; • Ability to store 95% of its total volume in water; • Less excavation work for the same storage volume compared to pipe and gravel swale technics; • Modular design which allows to adapt to topographic constraints and use less surface due to the fact they are stackable; • Easy and quick to transport and install. These SAUL can be implemented under green space, recreational park or parking lot allowing heavy vehicle passage.

- Modular suspended pavement systems and permeable asphalt, new technologies put in place in Montréal

Modular suspended pavement system - Catchment and redistribution of water.Knowing that cities favor the infiltration of rainwater and their reuse, new concepts had to be considered in order to capture rainwater and redirect it locally. One of the solutions developed is to enlarge the tree pits under the sidewalks using a structural system and use these enlarged pits to temporarily store rainwater which at the same time can feed trees and send back a smaller volume of water to the municipal network.Permeable Asphalt - More efficient drainage of the pavers foundation.The underlying foundation of pavers can play a key role in the durability of pavers. In order to reduce handling and speed up the implementation on the job site, a pilot project was set up at the request of the City of Montreal to create a fully permeable asphalt to be used as pavers' foundation.

- Integration of stormwater management in the urban fabric, solutions for the health and well beeing of the citizens

The paradigm shift of the last decade that happened in Quebec regarding stormwater management allows for a more inclusive vision of the landscape in the solutions to be offered to municipalities. A series of examples will demonstrate how the integration of stormwater amenities can be integrated into public space while creating dynamic living environments, rich in biodiversity and enriching for the health and well-being of the users. From large urban spaces to parking lots, rainwater management works as part of the urban fabric and offers a multitude of benefits to the users. In addition, these actions increase communities' resilience and provide tools to fight climate change.