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Renewing Buildings

Energy transition

- Integrated energy performance of buildings: aligning financial, operational and environmental interests

Technologies to achieve energy transition in buildings are already well established. The main challenge is integrating these technologies in projects that combine economic viability, ease of operation, and environmental benefits. This can be accomplished through contractual agreements based on guaranteed performance targets, which align the interests of all parties toward achieving ambitious results. The preferred presentation format will focus on the participation of clients who have carried out performance contracting projects. Through their experiences, we will explore how certain projects achieved exceptional outcomes by developing a deep understanding of client needs and aligning stakeholder interests.

- Building Carbon Neutrality in Northern Canada - Northern Center for Sustainability Case Study

The Northern Centre for Sustainability is a living lab and innovation hub on the United Nations based on sustainable development goals in Canada’s far North, at the first row of climate change impacts with melting permafrost and extreme weather events. The building will become a flagship for the Building Retrofit Economy, integrating Canada’s experts on solar energy building integration, creating jobs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions while promoting reconciliation and the celebration of local art and culture. The building will use waste mash from the local brewery to create the first node of a northern bioeconomy, creating the first carbon-negative building in Canada.

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