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Organic Materials: Lessons Learned, From Collection to Treatment Processes

Moderated by: Bernard Caron, Envirophile
Sustainable cities

- Performance of sorting household waste from a 3V collection using a MBT process to recover organic matter

Quebec Industrial Research Center (CRIQ), in collaboration with Gazon Savard (Saguenay) and its subsidiary Reviterre, MRC Bellechasse, l'Érable, l'Islet, Régie Intermunicipale de Gestion Intégrée des Déchets Bécancour-Nicolet-Yamaska and the City of Saguenay, have carried out a pilot project of mechanobiological treatment (MBT) to evaluate the performance of our municipal solid waste (MSW) treatment chain to value organic matter. This MBT chain makes it possible to efficiently open the garbage bags and to divide the MSW into three different fractions (fine, intermediate and coarse) . A full one-year follow-up was performed using MSW from a two (2V) collection. Using the same MBT equipment tests were also carried out (in summer, autumn and winter) with MSW from a three-way (3V) collection to evaluate the performance to extract the organic matter contained in this waste (3V), as well as the various valuation options of the different MBT fractions.

- Comparative Study of the Management of Organic Matter through Concrete Cases in France and Poland

Differences in context and regulatory development: The French regulation on the management of organic matter has been put in place over a long time and has been completed several times. The Polish regulation is very recent and is established in an almost virgin context by retranscribing the European directives.Examples: SMITRED, representative of the long-term maturity acquired in the management and treatment of organic matter. The Pays de Vilaine, emblematic of voluntary communities having implemented a management of organic materials going beyond the current regulations without additional cost for residents. SANIKOM, Polish pioneer in the stabilization of organic matter in residual materials and composting of organic matter after selective collection. ZGO, from 100% landfill to an integrated facility combining a sorting center and energy and agronomic valorisation of organic matter.

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