at 10H30 | 520 CF

Next Generation Products: How to Recycle Them?

Moderated by: Élise Villeneuve, EnviroRcube
Green and circular economy

- Circular economy at Nemaska Lithium: when todays LI-ion batteries surge can become tomorrow’s solution

Currently, the lithium battery recycling industry is emerging just as fast as the battery industry itself. The various emerging technologies will be described and evaluated in a circular economy context. See how Nemaska Lithium is actively involved in the circularity of lithium and in the development of technologies allowing the circularity of rechargeable lithium batteries.

- Recovery of High Quality Carbon Fibers from End-of-life Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRPs) recycling is very challenging and yet is in high demand, consequence of the increasing use of this material in the automobile and wind energy industries and the high cost of carbon fibers in the market. The existing solutions for CFRPs recycling today often impact on the quality of obtained recycled fibers, thus preventing their use in high-value applications. Aiming to mitigate some of the inconveniences of these processes, we developed a new technology that uses vaporsolvolysis at low temperature and low pressure to degrade the composite resin and recover high quality fibers. In this work, we present the preliminary study and process optimization that led to the final technology as well as the versatility tests proving that the chosen process is compatible with different thermoset and thermoplastic resins.

- PET Upcycling with Loop technology