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Leaders in Sustainable Development: Unity is Strength

Moderated by: Elena Torfs, CentrEau
Green and circular economy

- Sustainable Community: Valued Social Impact on the Carbon Market

The Sustainable Community's pilot project allowed us to educate over 250 organizations of all walks of life: SMEs, municipalities, NGOs, health clinics, businesses, school boards, farms, etc. In the end, we were able to directly enlist 148 SMEs/organizations in the Sustainable Community, 109 of which have already signed their enrollment contracts and 105 which have already passed a greenhouse gas audit. The project has already prequantified 941 600 tons of GHG reductions that are eligible to the project covering 817 buildings in all sectors of the economy.

- The ECORESPONSIBLE program: A review and assessment of the ECOLEADERS movement since 2013

Leaders, companies and organizations around the world are transforming their business model around the principles of sustainable development in order to strive for better global performance.In the face of this reality, global certifications have recently emerged in order to frame and recognize the efforts of transversal and strategic integration of sustainable development within companies.The ECORESPONSABLE ™ program, launched in 2013 by the Sustainable Industries Council, now has more than 100 certified organizations in a variety of sectors such as material processing, trade retail and tourism.It’s now time to review the certification experience for organizations willing to shift towards an eco-responsible behavior. The conference will provide an enlightened portrait of this movement by addressing its foundations, the impact on companies as well as projections for future development.

- Crisalid: an innovative collaborative demonstrator pilot site for better rehabilitation of contaminated sites

The project CRISALID - Center of Reflection ISérois in Sustainable Preliminary Development - is the joint response of a public developer EPFL of Dauphiné and ENVISOL to answer the needs identified by the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region to facilitate the requalification of wastelands contaminated. CRISALID brings together an ecosystem of start-ups and innovative SMEs working on the brownfield theme and allows them to develop their innovations. This approach makes it possible to share the specific skills of the members of the group, but also to pool technical means: analytical means, pilot tests, digital tools, modeling software, measurement equipment ... This nomadic demonstrator of innovative solutions allows to: - Develop contamination characterization and remediation tools to increase efficiency and accuracy - Acquire a transferable know-how of fallow wastelands - Create a unique methodology dedicated to rehabilitation projects