at 10H30 | 518 C

International Perspective on the Social and Environmental Value of Brownfield Sites

Presented by: SuRF
Moderated by: François Beaudoin, Golder
Innovation and clean technology

- Report on Sustrem 2018 in Sao Paulo : outcomes, feedback and next steps

With a cycle of 25 lectures, lots of space for exchange of experiences, in addition to a business fair, the 11th edition of the Seminário EKOS BRASIL jointly with Sustrem 2018 brought together in Sao Paulo Brazil late October 2018 national and international experts to discuss topics such as Social Aspects of Sustainable Remediation, Groundwater Protection, and Circular Economy. It gathered more than 400 attendees participating in 6 sessions, an opening ceremony, a session on how to build Trust, a session on what Solutions are available, one on how to create Value, and one on Transformation before a Closing ceremony. From the feedback we received it was viewed as very successful. A report is being prepared and will be ready to share at Americana 2019.

- A Comprehensive Review of Progress Implementing the National Brownfield Redevelopment Strategy for Canada

The management of brownfields continues to be an important issue for Canadians eager to clean up the tens of thousands of polluted sites across the country and to reap the sustainability-oriented benefits of their reuse. While risks and liabilities associated with contamination severely impeded cleanup in the 1980s and 1990s, legal and procedural efforts introduced in the 2000s sought to support reuse. Many of these efforts were guided by an influential report published in 2003 entitled A National Brownfield Redevelopment Strategy for Canada. To honor the 15th anniversary of this influential report, the Canadian Brownfields Network (CBN) along with researchers from Ryerson University administered a comprehensive national survey of brownfield practitioners to assess the current state of the brownfields issue and progress made. This presentation will report on the results of this survey.

- Land Stewardship, Investing in the Natural, Societal and Economical capital of Industrial Land

The current way of production, use of resources, land and natural capital is not sustainable. Transitions in energy, mobility, circular economy, food production and city development are needed. Land restoration, land use and land management (land stewardship) are key in this transform. NICOLE and the Policy makers of the Common Forum have executed a study on Land Stewardship. Land Stewardship being the recognition of our collective responsibility to retain the quality and abundance of our land, air, water and biodiversity, and to manage this natural capital in a way that conserves all of its value. This way of thinking also represents a paradigm shift from an industrial site being a potential threat to the environment to industrial land contributing to the delivery of welfare and employment to the community. The latest findings will be shared during the conference.