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Implementing Circular Models

Moderated by: Marie-Caroline Bourg, EnviroRcube
Green and circular economy

- Circular economy and recovery of used textile: to be part of the loop ...

Did you know that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world after the oil industry? Landfill degradation may take several hundred years. Certex is one of the largest used textile processing center in Quebec. With a recovery rate of 90%, Certex is now positioned as one of the solutions to the need to find innovative solutions for recovering used textiles. The circular economy model is fully applicable to its mission and objectives while offering the different players in the management of residual materials innovative solutions, socially and environmentally effective. This conference is aimed at all those who are keen to find innovative solutions to build a circular economy model to manage and improve the life cycle of textiles and avoid landfill as much as possible.

- Innovations in plastic recycling on both side of the Atlantic

In September, during the meeting of G7 Environment, Oceans and Energy Ministers in Halifax, Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) and its French counterpart Citeo announced the Plastic solutions: recycling innovations on both sides of the Atlantic forum in Paris on February 4–5, 2019. The event will bring together innovating firms for plastic recycling, major stakeholders in plastics consumption and distribution, investors, industrial partners from North America and Europe and representatives of public authorities. The aim is to accelerate innovation in plastic packaging recycling and bring the process to the industrial level. The proposed conference at Americana will focus on the outcomes of the event, including: • Information on plastics recycling and the 12 technologies presented (in plain language) • Issues and discussions raised by forum delegates • Opportunities for Québec

- Circular Economy Roadmap in France: Opportunities and Threats for the Recycling Industry

One year after the validation of the circular road map in France, in the midst of a legislative transposition of this road map: what are the threats and opportunities for the recycling industry? What are the news introduced in the future law? How is it going to boost the circular economy? What are the stakes for the actors in this circular economy? In summary, does this road map give you the right course?Keywords - recyling targets - Request of the raw material from recycling - Recycling certificats - Taxe on landfill - Eco - organisms - Bottle deposit - Property of the matter - RDF (Refuse Define Fuel)