at 13H30 | 518 A

Floods: Keep Your Feet Dry!

Moderated by: Martine Lanoue, Ville de Laval
Adapting to climate change

- 2017 flooding : mitigation solutions for municiaplities

How can we guard against floods? This question takes a whole other meaning following the major events that occurred in the spring of 2017 all over the province of Quebec. Should we flee these sectors? Is there a way to rethink these zones? How can lessons from elsewhere in the world be used towards the drafting of better floodplain management plans here in Quebec?Astonishingly, dating back to the 1800s in Louisiana, residences that were used for the sugar cane industry were built to be immunised against flooding from the Mississippi River. These same building, converted into museums today, are still in perfect condition even after multiple floods. It is important to learn from these examples and evaluate the transferability of such concepts.

- Exploring the research network on flood risks management

Despite decades of research in every area of science, Québec is still caught off guard during major flood events. Furthermore, research remains within disciplinary silos and therefor falls short of providing integrated solutions to the complex problem of floods.The mission of the Quebec Flood Research Network is to create a platform that will bring provincial stakeholders together with researchers from the social and natural sciences, technology, health, knowledge mobilisation studies, economics and policy studies in order to improve Quebec’s flood preparedness, response and recovery.This conference will explore the creation of this collaborative research initiative regrouping different institutions, sectors of activity and stakeholders to tackle the issue of flooding in the context of climate change.

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