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Biodiversity in the Big Leagues

Moderated by: Dominic Thibeault, Ville de Trois-Rivières
Adapting to climate change

- The French Agency for Biodiversity: a New Model of Public Establishment

The French Agency for Biodiversity is a public institution of the French Ministry of the ecological transition which is part of an original approach of preservation of the biodiversity. By federating the actors and by impelling a collaborative energy, it supports the projects of sustainable development in the territories. It helps to do so by positioning itself as the heart of the network, places the preservation of biodiversity at the heart of environmental education, mobilizes citizens to participate in the reconquest of biodiversity and makes the preservation of our living environment a backdrop for all public policies.

- Stormwater Retention Basins in a Freeway Environment: Tools for the Renaturalization of the Urban Fabric

Increasingly more stormwater retention basins are being built in urban areas. These structures, which are often located in anthropic and ecologically poor areas, make it possible to restore lost ecological functions, namely by creating areas of biodiversity. Basins that have been or are being built on the territory of the Capitale-Nationale show that the application of simple principles maximizes the environmental value of these structures. Fauna and flora management can result in the creation of productive riparian ecotones and the development of a type of biodiversity typical of certain wetlands. When optimized, these basins reintegrate ecological services that are not offered in vast undeveloped areas to the urban fabric. Basins also contribute to invasive alien species control and ecosystem connectivity in damaged environments.

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