– Waste Glass Management in Quebec


This session aims to show the current state of the management of glass from the municipal curbside recycling in Quebec and that there is a multitude of solutions to recycle glass.

To this end, RECYC-QUÉBEC will reveal recent data on the recovery of glass and current outlets for glass from sorting centers for municipal curbside recycling in Quebec. Éco Entreprises Québec will then share some general findings from the «Verre l’innovation» plan.

Then, five speakers will briefly expose a range of technologies to recycle or convert glass. Finally, a question and answer period will allow the speakers to delve deeper into the subject according to the interests of the public.

Here are the five intervening organizations:

• RITMRG – Glass and Discharge of Sorting Center Conveyors : Generated, Processes and Reused in Gaspésie

• Verglass: a new promising technology from Quebec to recycle glass from curbside recycling

• Société VIA/GBI – Cellular glass, an innovative avenue for glass recycling

• École de technologie supérieure – Performance of pavement structures incorporating post-consumer glass

• Tricentris – Recycled glass: When markets multiply