– An Ecosystemic Approach to Management of Economic Sectors through the Ecosystemic Management Plans (PDGE© / EMP©) Tool


The method of Ecosystemic Management Plans (PDGE© / EMP©), carried by the new Canadian NGO Resiliences Ecosystemiques, offers an innovative operational tool, accessible to all, to contribute to a greener economic recovery. The innovative nature of this multi-actor and multi-sector spatial planning tool stems from its holistic vision and its multi-scale representation of economic, environmental and socio-cultural dimensions, considering invasive species and the anticipation of climate change. Aiming for a balance between ecological health and economic growth, it takes into account the ecosystems that support economic activities, their condition, potential and vulnerabilities. This information, associated with the capitalization and spatialization of the knowledge of stakeholders (public, private, research, public authorities, local communities, civil society, etc.) on production, transformation and marketing, makes it possible to align actions and develop sustainable common solutions. These solutions optimize the value chain and investments, while strengthening the resilience of ecosystems, leading to budget rationalization and ROI stability.