– The co-digestion of organic matter in Laval: benefits and limits


The Ville de Laval has planned in its last PGMR the construction of a biomethanation center that will treat the sludge of its three wastewater treatment plants, in addition to the content of the collection of organic organic matter. The latter, currently being implemented, aims to recover food residues and green residues in the same bin for residences of 7 or fewer units.

Such co-treatment often has several advantages. However, the high proportion of green residues during peak periods could affect the performance and stability of the process, as well as modify the fertilizing properties of the granules produced from the digestate.

Through its partnership with the CRVMR, the City then quantified quantitatively by numerical simulation the impacts of these peak periods of green residues on the operation and the performances of the process, and on the properties of the digestate produced. She was therefore able to make several observations.