– TEQ: a mandatory partner for diesel displacement in Quebec’s greater north


When TUGLIQ Energy was created 7 years ago, the aim was to replace the diesel consumed in the greater north with clean and renewable energies.

Since then, Tugliq has successfully delivered the Raglan 1 and 2 projects in Quebec. These projects have both required the implementation of innovative systems so as to deliver to our customer the energy he needs with the level of quality that allows him to ensure the safety of its underground mining operations.

Such projects can not be developed by the industry without the support of the various levels of government. in these particular cases,TUGLIQ Energy benefited from the support of TEQ and NRCan for these projects. These supports made it possible to test new technologies in arctic conditions, to validate their reliability and smooth operation and finally to deploy them on a larger scale until they can be generalized economically for the end users.