– Solids, algae, and phosphorus removal performance of discfilter treatment systems as an upgrade to wastewater lagoons.


In North America, lagoon passive treatment systems are one of the most prevalent treatment technologies for wastewater in small and rural municipalities. Effluent solid concentrations are an issue with lagoon systems for regulation compliance. As stricter discharge regulations are being put forward by governing agencies, the need for low footprint technologies as means to upgrade current lagoon systems is becoming more apparent. This research studies the application and performance of the HydrotechTM discfilter system as a low-footprint upgrade solution for solids removal, as well as peripheral benefits such as removal of E.coli, phosphorus and algae. The study serves to describe the main and peripheral benefits of implementing this upgrade technology in existing wastewater lagoons and whether this technology is a viable option for a low footprint upgrade to wastewater lagoons in meeting stricter regulations during seasonal discharge operations.