– Profit from waste mixed plastics: an environmental solution for plastic disposal


Why was the China plastic ban a problem even though we have known and applied the 3R-R strategy (reduce, reuse, recycle, recover) for many years? Waste plastics do not seem to fit in the first 3 Rs. Instead of reducing the production of plastic has consistently increased, reuse is uneconomical and recycle is difficult because plastic resin needs a high degree of purity to be useful. To recover or reclaim value from plastics, technologies such as incineration, Refuse-derived fuels, Gasification, and pyrolysis have been used, but each has significant problems. Sweet Gazoil has developed and patented anti-fouling technologies to transform waste plastics into high quality, readily saleable diesel fuels in small-scale profitable micro-refineries. The organics, metals, and glass separated from municipal waste can be sent to nearby facilities, while the plastics can be profitably transformed into useful fuels, eliminating the need for landfills or incinerators.