– Nutrient Removal at Lagoon Facilities using MBBR Technology: Low Temperature Performance and Bacterial Response


The major challenge that has restricted the application of nutrient removal technologies to wastewater treatment lagoon facilities in temperate and cold climate countries such as Canada is the inability of many current technologies to achieve nitrification at the very low temperatures characteristic of lagoon systems during winter operation. The study investigates the use of the moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) technology as a low operational intensity upgrade solution to lagoon facilities in temperate and cold climates to achieve year-round, low temperature nitrification, to achieve total nitrogen removal via conventional nitrification/denitrification, and to achieve total phosphorus removal via biomass assimilation. The study demonstrates the potential of the MBBR technology as an economical, small land footprint and low operational intensity upgrade technology to achieve significant nutrient removal at lagoon facilities operated in a temperate and cold climates.