– Multiple Lines of Evidence Approach to Assess PFAS Sources, Contaminant Distribution, and Fate and Transport


PFAS have become one of the main emerging contaminant classes of focus in the public domain. In view of the complexities associated with source composition, contaminant transport and PFAS distribution, we have developed a multiple-lines of evidence approach (MLEA) for comprehensive PFAS site characterization. The MLEA is easy to implement and scalable based on site complexity and project objectives.
The presentation will explain the use of the MLEA and show its application to specific case studies. It will demonstrate how this approach can be successfully used to:
• Characterize and differentiate PFAS sources, plumes, background concentrations and identify instances where cross-contamination occurred;
• Compare PFAS signatures in multiple investigation locations and between media to assist with fate
and transport assessment;
• Assists with the identification of critical parameters to focus on for investigation, monitoring, risk assessment, risk management or remediation.