– Lagoons and Ammonia : How to meet Federal and Provincial Toxicity Requirements ?


Now that federal and provincial regulations have made non-toxicity a requirement for wastewater treatment systems in Canada, municipalities with lagoons and their engineers are having to decide : do we have to replace the facility entirely, or is there a way to save the infrastructure that has served us well? What are the proven technologies available to us? Through the lens of a case study of a three-cell facultative lagoon-based wastewater treatment plant located an hour’s drive southwest of Gatineau, this presentation digs into the factors that limit lagoon-based nitrification, discusses the merits and challenges of various alternatives, and introduces the SAGR post-lagoon nitrification process—which has been shown to consistently reduce ammonia to <1 mg/L in <1°C water, therefore meeting the non-toxicity requirement year-round.