– Integrated waste management in Gonaïves (Haïti) – a concrete GHG mitigation project


The integrated waste management project is composed of three main pillars:
• A collection service for urban and agricultural residual materials;
• The construction and operation of a technical landfill site (TLS);
• The production of electricity from landfill gas coupled with a
photovoltaic power plant.

As of 2021, the technical landfill site (TLS) will receive urban waste from the commune of Gonaïves. The TLS will feature a weighing station for garbage trucks, a leachate collection and treatment facility, and a biogas capture and flaring system. By 2025, the TLS will be able to receive about 100,000 tons of waste. A 1 MW biogas powered plant will be functional by 2025. In order to attain faster revenue generation, thus financing the chain of operations on the TLS, a 2 MW solar-powered plant will be installed by 2022. Running two types of power plants in parallel will level electricity production around the clock and adapt to demand – the TLS acting as a biogas (i.e. energy) storage.